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Every Taylor Swift Song Ranked (2006-2020) Part 1

2020.09.29 03:30 CyrusWaugh Every Taylor Swift Song Ranked (2006-2020) Part 1

The final post of the first first appreciation week, overall its been a blast writing about this, there's been some ups and downs as the week went on but I've stayed the course and you've all enjoyed it and in the end that's all that matters. Now I can't rank every single song she's ever written and sung, when she was 16 I believe she wrote 250 songs. So I'm only going to be ranking every song she's ever recorded in the studio which is 134, and since there are so many, I'll only be describing them with 2 to 3 sentences, I'm only going into detail with the deluxe version songs I didn't talk about and the top 30. Some songs have moved up since then and some have moved down, please remember this is my personal opinion and there is 134 songs, just because your favorite is at idk 40th place doesn't mean it is terrible in my eyes, there are just so many songs on the same level as it or better. So let's close out this great week on a high note shall we. I've provided links to my previous posts in case you want more context of what its about and what I like and don't like about it.
Taylor Swift-All Songs Ranked
Fearless-All Songs Ranked
Speak Now-All Songs Ranked
Red-All Songs Ranked
1989-All Songs Ranked
Reputation-All Songs Ranked
Lover-All Songs Ranked
folklore-All Songs Ranked

134. The Man (Lover)
A friend told me this song is Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping 2: Taylor Swift Edition, he is mostly accurate. Sure its fun but lyrically I can't stand this song.

133. I Think He Knows (Lover)
It honestly feels like a 2018 radio country song. And we all know how bad of a time that was for mainstream radio.

132. I Forgot You Existed (Lover)
Pretty similar thoughts, here, another song to the pile of songs defending her reputation. Except this isn't fun in anyway.

131. You Need To Calm Down (Lover)
Apparently this about defending and celebrating LGBTQ pride, did anyone catch that, it feels like another reputation defense song, besides that one out of place line that adds the word gay, I don't see it, still it's pretty fun to sing along to.

130. Hey Stephen (Fearless)
I find this one too cheery and annoying, pretty similar response to how I view the song Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jespen, still the lyrical rhyming is fun.

129. Dress (Reputation)
I think for a sex jam, it feels too out of place. It is vocally awkward and the trap beat doesn't help it's case. Pretty decent imagery though.

128. The Best Day (Fearless)
Like I've said plenty of times before, I don't see the emotional hype of the song, and if it's there, the sound of the track doesn't fit well. However the 2nd verse and on I thoroughly enjoy.

127. King Of My Heart (Reputation)
I don't like Game Of Thrones, so I'm not getting the references, also Bass is too loud on this track. Some might see this as a jam but not me.

126. This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things (Reputation)
It highlights her feud with Kanye West fairly, well but the melody is a big fat no from me, she has a fun time singing along so bonus points for that

125. A Perfectly Good Heart (Taylor Swift)
I find this track very weird vocally, it's still great, but it is very simple in their descriptions, and her songwriting skills have improved much more in later years.

124. Better Than Revenge (Speak Now)
I'm not a fan of punk rock, never has and never will. But still great lyrically, and it is such a good burn to Joe Jonas and Camilla Belle.

123. Starlight (Red)
Pretty fun song, but this one is on the more repetitive and vague end of the spectrum. This would've been better with real drums like a lot of the other pop tracks on this record.

122. If This Was A Movie (Speak Now: Deluxe Edition)
This is my least favorite of the deluxe tracks but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy it, it sounds great instrumentally, and the simple concept is great, but I love songs that use simple concepts and use great imagery. This one doesn't really do that, but I think the melody is great, it's a classic Taylor Swift song, checking off a lot of the boxes of what makes a great swift song, sincere vocals, great melodies, and one hell of a bridge. It only really falls flat in terms of lyrics.

121. False God (Lover)
This grew on me a lot, blending soft jazz and R&B, a solid sex jam, unique concept, and verses are really interesting rhythmically.

120. Invisible (Taylor Swift)
Invisible feels like a prototype version of narratives and themes she's perfected over time. I'm not a big fan of this lyrically to a degree, and vocally/melodically, it doesn't really hold up to my modern standards, but instrumentally it makes up for it.

119. I'm Only Me When I'm With You (Taylor Swift
I think it blends the rock sound she was experimenting with pretty well with country, but it isn't really outstanding lyrically. It is a good song regardless for the road, at least for me.

118. The Way I Love You (Fearless)
I think it is pretty sweet, and how she loves someone, but still a lot of fearless is lacking in great lyricism with adjectives and metaphors compared to other songs and records.

117. Death By A Thousand Cuts (Lover)
The song's intro annoys the living daylights out of me. I think the message she is trying to perceive and calling it a thousand cuts is pretty excessive. But a lot of the instrumentals have a lot interesting stuff going on.

116. I Did Something Bad (Reputation)
I did something bad is great song to see live, if you want to party and feel a rush of excitement, I can't recommend this song enough, but I'm really an introvert and these songs aren't my style.

115. Untouchable (Fearless: Platinum Edition)
I think the song should've been way shorter as the lyrics are incredibly short. And one verse is literally 2 lines, and for the message she's trying to convey it needs to be longer. I think it sounds overall pretty well, nothing truly special or interesting like fiddle or steel. It plays it pretty safe. Another simple song done perfectly.

114.Cruel Summer (Lover)
I think it is really good lyrically, but the verses aren't that great as the chorus melodically, Cruel Summer really summarizes my opinion of Lover as a whole, a mostly unbalanced track with great moments.

113. Sparks Fly (Speak Now)
I think it draws a fine line with traditional sounds and rock sounds. An iconic chorus, with great verses to accompany it. The bridge is great as it should be, chorus and bridge lyrically aren't anything truly special but that isn't really what I come to this song for.

112. Gorgeous (Reputation)
Pretty fun overall, solid lyricism, if not pretentious in terms of production and melody. I'm glad it wasn't this bombastic anthem like a lot of the record is.

111. ...Ready For It (Reputation)
Definitely a personal preference for how high I ranked it, some interesting lyrics here and there, but this definitely for the more palatable pop ears, if you're a traditionalist don't listen to this.

110. Should've Said No (Taylor Swift)
Definitely a lot of inspiration from Carrie Underwood, and unlike Gabby Barret, this is good. She's not really trying to sound like her, but imitating her classic instrumental and melodical style. A classic jam, that for Traditionalists I do recommend.

109. Afterglow (Lover)
It's one of her more unique ones vocally and melodically. My first listen I thought it was an Ariana Grande song, if Ariana Grande actually wrote smart songs. It's her taking responsibility for the bridges she's burned throughout her career.

108. Wonderland (1989: Deluxe Edition)
I think there is a lot of interesting stuff going on in this track, but the chorus really drags it down as it overly repetitive, regardless of how well I like it instrumentally. I think the concept of the song is interesting but it really fails to convey it with details that don't really deal with Wonderland. It's not as fun or as interesting as the rest of 1989

107. You're Not Sorry (Fearless)
I love how it starts out with just piano and slowly more instruments come in and we build up to this dramatic conclusion. But like a lot of Fearless, nothing of outstanding lyricism.

106. Come Back...Be Here (Red: Deluxe Edition)
The core message of this track is about the problems of a long distance relationship, but I think it has trouble portraying the image of this story, it briefly mentions New York & London, it's pretty on the nose for most of the progression and it's really hard to realize the time gaps within the track. Still it is great in emotional vocals as is a lot of Red as a record.

105. You Are In Love (1989: Deluxe Edition)
I love the little details like burnt toast in the morning, little obscure details, are what drive me crazy about a song, I do prefer this one for the ears rather than for the brain mostly because the chorus is really dull. But we get the gut wrenching reveal that this isn't her describing her relationship, its about Jack Antonoff and his girlfriend who have maintained the closest there is to a perfect relationship and how she's still no there yet but she keeps trying. Excellent twist, and elevates this song a lot more.

104. Girl At Home (Red: Deluxe Edition)
This is all about a douche trying to start an affair, and she knows he's in a relationship and shuts him down before he can even begin. And how she describes this girl who she doesn't know, because she was that girl at one point in her life. I think the drum loop is unnecessary, regular drums would've sufficed, there aren't many songs like this in her catalog, and that's a good thing, it keeps this track fresh.

103. Seven (Folklore)
Seven is my least favorite from Folklore because of its vocal performance. I appreciate the childish lyrics now because of the fact that this is in the perspective of a 7 year old. You Need To Calm Down was praised for it's defense of queerness, which it doesn't in any way whatsoever, 7 does it a whole lot better and it is incredibly vague.

102. Everything Has Changed ft. Ed Sheeran (Red)
This is my dream duet for pop, but they could've handled this a lot better, it's played pretty safe in almost every aspect, vocally, lyrically and instrumentally, it's really only this high up, for how great they sound together.

101. Stay Beautiful (Taylor Swift)
It's a sweet little harmless song, its fun, solid instrumentation, good vocals, I don't really understand how people can hate this song, it's like a kitten.

100. Jump Then Fall (Fearless: Platinum Edition)
I think with a lot of the platinum edition bonus tracks, you can tell they weren't that well produced, they feel more like demo tracks, some ways that works it doesn't, This is somewhere in between. I think it's neat concept brings it this high, as it is pretty safe in all other aspects. The bridge is great as usual, basically expect a hell of a bridge from her second record and beyond, even on songs and records that aren't as good.

99. Holy Ground (Red)
Red's main style of instrumentation feels like a blend of contemporary rock and lighthearted pop. Some adore this track's every aspect, meanwhile I question a lot of it, especially with what she considers Holy Ground.

98. Superstar (Fearless: Platinum Edition)
This is just a sweet little song about being in love with a famous person, it's pretty cheesy, which is why I love it, most infatuation for famous people is pretty corny, and that captures this emotion so well. The instrumentation is great, and vocals are good as usual.

97. London Boy (Lover)
You are really only going to like this song if you are here for lyrics, if you have a vendetta for modern pop, this is not for you. The imagery for how she describes London is some of her best descriptions, but I'll agree, I'm not as big of a fan of it melodically, especially when she does a fake British accent.

96. The Story Of Us (Speak Now)
The day I enjoy punk rock style is when hell freezes over, and this song makes it pretty close to happening as it is so good in every other aspect, but the instrumentals really takes your mind off all of the better stuff going on.

95. Hoax (Folklore)
Hoax, lyrically doesn't feel like its on the same speed of the instrumentals. It is well sung and written but this would work a lot more, if the song was at a slower tempo, or if she added more details in it.

94. ME! ft. Brendon Urie (Lover)
Another song that's pretty harmless, it was my jam of 2019, I played this over and over as much as I did for songs like God's Country or Beer Never Broke My Heart. Brendon is a fantastic vocalist on the track, its a fun pop record and really nothing more.

93. 22 (Red)
Another really fun jam song, with a bit more a catchier melody as well as fun imagery. It's was a club anthem of 2012, and a great real start out in the pop world.

91. Sad Beautiful Tragic (Red)
This song blows me away so much in the verses but then the chorus lets me down. I love all the simple chords, apparently this is Trigger's favorite song from her, agree with his views towards it but the chorus is a major disagreement.

90. The Outside (Taylor Swift)
Unlike SBT, this doesn't disappoint me in the middle of a track, it holds pretty steady in all of the main factors of the song, and how the outside of something is the loneliest feeling there is, I 100% agree, with the message. Some might this one a little tedious, and yes I admit it's really this high for the messaging more than anything.

89. It's Nice To Have A Friend (Lover)
It's a pretty simple story about different places of time, and how the person you're in love with is your best friend, its simple in sound, melody and lyrics, so its perfectly balanced, its like a lighthearted version of Mary's Song.

88. Fearless (Fearless)
Pretty wholesome message of how your partner helps you lose your insecurities. It really leans into this Pop/All American sound people like Taylor and Miley Cyrus were known, for obviously I prefer Taylor.

87. Cold As You (Taylor Swift)
It has this haunting opening that is unforgettable. The acoustics are as is a lot of her first record. It is pretty simplistic lyrically, there's nothing truly clever about how cold this person is. It's just blatantly saying he is cold, and that isn't really compelling.

86. Daylight (Lover)
The closing track of Lover, is how she sees Alwyn as her daylight, in a forever dark night with touring, recording and the media. It's very laid back compared to the rest of the record, which is great, a lot of the songs have candy like style production, and like eating too much candy, you can get sick.

85. Forever & Always (Fearless)
The first of many songs going after Joe Jonas . Highlighting the 25 second dumping phone call. And this now famous quote he told her, of loving her forever and always. It's a burn that feels more like a sting that gets worse over time if that sounds right.

84. Treacherous (Red)
Treacherous has very interesting lyrics, like slopes quick sand among others. But it does tend to fall flat melodically, and the line of I like It feels kinda lazy, but that's just a personal issue honestly.

83. The Lakes (Folklore: Bonus Track)
The lakes highlights her escape from the world, where she wont be bothered by the media, angry social media haters, or anything that can bring her day down. It's beautiful and I believe references a poet named William Wordsworth so bonus points for classic references.

82. Don't Blame Me (Reputation)
Man we haven't touched Reputation for like 20 songs, this reminds of the style of Imagine Dragons, a lot of Reputation has this bad ass song I love, tracks like this will turn off a little people, it really is a personal preference, Taylor is really all about making the same record over and over, every record has significant differences, and I'll take different over copies every time whether its good or bad.

81. I Wish You Would (1989)
I think this leans into the lyricism of a bro song. But I'll take this over 80 or 90% of the bro songs from 2014. Like a majority of 1989, it blends the classic synth 80' sound with modern sound, it is one of my least favorite of the 1989 tracks for how tedious it can't get.

80. The Last Time ft. Gary Lightbody (Red)
What a beautiful duet, we get these 2 perspectives in a relationship, how for the dude this is the last time he's doing this, and in the girl's this is the last time she will give him a chance, I just think this song drags on for a little bit and the build up could've been faster and it loses points because of that.

79. Out Of The Woods (1989)
It's a great time, but yes it is mostly for the ears not the brains, but that doesn't mean there isn't anything clever about it, there is, the chorus is arguably the most repetitive one she's ever done.

78. New Romantics (1989: Deluxe Edition)
My favorite of the 1989 bonus tracks, its a club anthem, and normally I dislike them, but there's something about New Romantics that keeps me coming back to it, maybe its how fun it is to sing along, or my love for the synth, I can't really describe it.

77. Peace (Folklore)
I don't understand why this wasn't the final track, it closes the book on another chapter of Taylor's career, and opens the way for a wide range of possibilities. I think she is a bit too loud and should let the instrumentals shine a bit more. It's a great message overall, highlights how far she's come in her 14 year long career.

76. The 1 (Folklore)
While not my favorite album opener from her, still is pretty great, nice little details and directly tells you this record is nothing you've ever seen from her. It doesn't need to get into vivid details as that's not really the intention of the song, so as a whole I give it a big thumbs up.

75. Invisible String (Folklore)
The little details of places they've been to, referencing old singles, culminate into one of my favorite tracks of Folklore. It's stripped back a lot, and the story telling and imagery are allowed to take center stage.

74. End Game ft. Ed Sheeran & Future (Reputation)
If you can tolerate rap, then give this a listen as there is a lot of interesting stuff going on, Future isn't anything special, I'm really here for Ed and Taylor who actually bring it lyrically and rhythmically.

73. Mine (Fearless)
It is one of her most iconic melodies, I can sing this over and over, but it isn't great lyrically, End Game is better in terms of writing, I will not take that back, I only really prefer this for its incredible melody and how it's sound is better than Endgame.

72. Stay Stay Stay (Red)
It's fun, silly, a simple song. If you hate it, you're heartless. I can get saying it's nonintellectual, or how it isn't interesting in instrumentation but you can't call it trash.

71. I Almost Do (Red)
Really compelling messaging, of how she wants to run back to this person so bad, but she doesn't want to risk another painful goodbye. I think she just overuses the phrase I Bet, it really sounds like a gimmick.

70. The Moment I Knew (Red)
This song is a little weird for me, while I see the lyrics as emotional and heartbreaking, I don't really feel it like most songs like this, maybe I'm heartless idk, still it has great progression, and uses the phrase the moment I knew very well, and it doesn't feel gimmicky.

69. All You Had To Do Was Stay (1989)
I'm so glad one of her sex jams didn't end up here, or I wouldn't take this as seriously as I do. Stay is a jam, that talks about the ultimate test of relationships, and how often most partners fail it, and it most relationships are trial and error until you find the 1 for you.

68. The Last Great American Dynasty (Folklore)
While this has great messaging, metaphors and story telling, percussion is too much of an issue, I think it is at too fast of a tempo, but those issues don't hurt the fact that this song is amazing.
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2020.09.25 22:04 CyrusWaugh Lover (2019) All Songs Ranked

Hard to believe Lover came out over a year ago now, man time flies before your eyes. When reviewing 1989, I was so excited but with Lover, I was really confused. From initial listen in August 2019, I viewed this with a little disdain, remember when I said there was only one record with songs I disliked, well this is the one, I think this one has the biggest disadvantage as this record is HUGE, larger doesn't equal better. And unfortunately, given how passionate my distaste is for the bad ones and my passion for the great ones, my thoughts on each song are going to be shorter than usual, as I have yet to write my folklore list, and overall album and songs list, so this one is going to be shorter, sorry, but this is a lot for me to do on my own, and delaying this would be wrong, this is what I signed up for and intend to deliver.

18. The Man
If you don't want to here a rant that will spark a political debate here is my summary: the production is fun, she has a decent vocal performance, lyrics are stale and dishonest. (End Of Brief Summary)
The Man is possibly the most controversial Taylor Swift song, you may think of me just ranting about how I'm just bitter, or my complaints are unjustified, but I intend to stick by points. Lyrically I mostly agree with her, most men at the top of the world are douche bags, she's written songs about several of them. Problem is while the music video portrays men in high places as garbage, that is not what the lyrics imply at all, this implies to all men, whether she intended that or not that is what the lyrics show. The dumbest lyric without a doubt is "I'm so sick of running as fast I can, wondering if I'd get there quicker if I was a man" in terms of country music I totally agree with this statement, but when applied to Taylor, this isn't coming from anything related to her. When was the last time a 16 year old dude start singing songs about the girl next door, and girls who cheat on him, when was this, if Taylor Swift was a man, she would never have sold millions of records, be on the world stage of stardom, she would've stayed in Pennsylvania and probably find some job there, and I'm someone who adores her as an artist, but I have to call BS when I see it. And I don't mind when artists/celebrities get political, sure I'm sick of it at award shows, but does anyone really listen to them, I don't mind if you put politics in a piece of music, even if its politics I don't agree with, like Eric Church's The Snake, fantastic song don't really agree politically, but this isn't her being honest at all, it feels like after years of being pressed to be political she caved in and made this piece of garbage.

17. I Think He Knows
This is literally a snap track, and at this point I was sick of snap tracks, it feels really douchey and not in a good way like songs on Reputation. Vocally this is irritating, some lyrics are kinda interesting but overall its a mess. The age of this style candied production has faded and I'm glad it died, and if this was an attempt to revive this style of pop, without a doubt it failed.

16. I Forgot That You Existed
New Years Day was supposed to be the farewell to her obsessively defending her reputation, why are you still trying??? This isn't even a good way to defend it arguably my least favorite way she defended it. It doesn't correlate at all lyrically, everything feels disjointed. You get a sense of buildup but there is no impact, at this point I was done hearing about her addressing the haters, you said you would shake it off, you said you would attack, then forgive and forget. Thankfully she's finally done with the release of Folklore, fingers crossed it stays that way.

15. False God
Thankfully those 3 songs are the only ones I actually consider to be bad, which goes to show how talented she is to have had only 3 screw ups, with one being literal garbage. These definitely aren't great songs up to #12 or #11, but there is always one or two things I can highlight as great. idk why there is a saxophone in the beginning it sounds really out of tune, that isn't curious, that's just plain confusing. But it does comeback in a clearer tone later, it's a decent sex jam, with hints of jazz and R&B sprinkled through out, talking about how their relationship is something they worship like a golden calf. Which is pretty neat, but production towards her vocals and the percussion doesn't really hold up. Maybe I still have excess distaste from the last 3 but I'm not too big of fan of this one.

14. You Need To Calm Down
Enough, why are you still trying defend it, while you may view yourself as the battle isn't won, your fans do, you made a whole record about and received overwhelming support. If anything she actually caused the with the continued controversy with The Man, but enough of that I'm done a talking about that. Production is definitely the saving grace of this. The pre-chorus is very fun to sing along to, its like a tongue twister. But this isn't good lyrically, its incredibly vague, and I'm shocked this one was the single that took off, rather than ME! or Lover.

13. Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince
Definitely reminds me of the imagery of You Belong With Me, The Verse's are really good but chorus, is not good, so its a 2/3 approval for me. They put so much effort into the verses but the chorus feels cheap. Her description of High School has evolved in a good way, and improved in terms of vivid imagery. I like the little cheerleader sounds made throughout the song, overall its around a 6 for me, as is most of the next few tracks up ahead.

12. Death By A Thousand Cuts
I wanted to break something by like the 20th my, that was not necessary, they could've just started where the guitar came in. I actually love the piano in the track, even though it sounds out of place, it feels nostalgic to 2000's alternative pop. I mean there isn't anything truly special about this track some things stood out like paper cut strings to our paper thin plans. I think the whole message of a thousand cuts is excessive, there are more compelling ways to get this message across without being to aggressive. Overall this isn't me cheering for how much I like it, I'm really looking for the standout moments through a pile of mediocrity.

11. Cruel Summer
When I first listened to it, it sounded like a song from Reputation, thankfully it's not that. To sum up my personal opinion, its a more emotional less intelligent version of Morgan Wallen's 7 Summers, this definitely has vocal power, but it doesn't hold up in the lyrical aspect, everything is pretty vague or generic, its fun production wise but that's honestly it. If you just want to jam out, add this to your playlist.

10. Afterglow
The opening lyrics had me with their vividness, like comparing the pain to boxing without gloves, that is really powerful stuff, its great when she writes songs where she is to blame rather than her partner, there's a lot more honesty, in the writing, but by the second verse it kinda lost me ngl. It is really fun melodically has a solid message about the aftermath of celebrity relationship but nothing else much in terms of the overall package.

9. London Boy
London Boy is a blast, I love the call backs to music, its a much better dedication to Joe Alwyn then Ready For It, its a lot more fun, not as fun as the others, but I like the places she brings up like Brixton, Shoreditch, Hackney. I don't like her fake British accent, it feels like she's not trying, but still I like it, overall package is solid and we finally escaped the 6/10 swamp that was all the songs before this one.

8. ME! (ft. Brendon Urie)
This song grew on me the most, similar to Shake It Off, this has a marching band style to it, it isn't the best written, its pretty vague, but damn that production is good. Brendon and Taylor's harmonies blend together so well, I'm not a fan of his band, but I won't deny this dude has a phenomenal voice. He is the star of this song and really gives it his all. Taylor could of brought more to this, but its a smash that I love to sing along to, so lets just leave it at that.

7. It's Nice To Have A Friend
Progression is really key here, as we go from a childhood romance, to them as teenagers staying out late, little by little they get closer, and they eventually get married. I think the instrument choice is interesting, they have harps, steel-pans and trumpets, uncommon choices, and I'm here for it, the only one that makes sense are the church bells when they get married, odd style choices, but I thoroughly enjoy this one.

6. Daylight
Daylight was a good way to end her reputation defense phase (hopefully), but its more of a farewell to her jabs at people who've broken up with her, and people who have cheated, its mostly stripped back instrumentally. It shows off her maturity in writing, while as a whole Lover is pretty weak in its writing, it has some of the best written songs she's released, after 13 years of thing about how terrible a guy has been, this her saying I don't want to sing about this anymore, and this actually holds up, folklore while bring up affairs, they aren't in the girlfriend's perspective, she has taken a new view of love, one that I can get behind and that monologue takes it home.

5. Paper Rings
It's a fun jam, has a pretty fun rhythm, while I'm not a fan of how they produced the vocals that isn't too much of a issue for me. I have a similar opinion of this to Stay, Stay, Stay from Red. It's saying she doesn't need a glamorous ring or wedding for all the world to see, it could be a courthouse wedding with paper rings, she's finally ready to commit in a permanent relationship. We'll see if her and Alwyn work out, I personally hope they do.

4. The Archer
The archer was originally in the gold medal position as we get to see her fears and insecurities on full display, how she's been on the defense and offense for a majority of her career, how she looks for flaws in her love interests and wondering if it is right to say it, the lyric that gets me is when says who would dare leave her, but would dare to stay, that's heartbreaking as she goes on to say all her musical idols have died alone and she doesn't want that to be here. This has an amazing synth feel which I view as her strongest instrumental style. The Archer is in the A/S Tier in terms of her honest songwriting, I've known people who've cried to this, I did to this record just not this song.

3. Cornelia Street
Another song where she addresses her fears. How she doesn't want this relationship to end like the others, how they get to know each other in little significant details from memorizing creaks of a floor, them being card sharks, its a beautiful story, and sometimes we go through impulses and make mistakes because a relationship feels too good to be true. This also felt like a lyrical renaissance, where we get real locations and names, this is the delicate of this record, not necessarily on the same level of quality but in terms of style.

2. Lover
One of the only 2 I'd consider country, (actually, I'd give this a pass to country because of the echo like production, still better than most of the songs in 2019), it is beautiful and production is on point throughout the entirety, the details of Christmas lights, guitar string scars, if Taylor wrote a song that was her vows, no doubt it would be this one. There's a sense of equality in this relationship rather than the dude having all the power, or Taylor having it. The bridge of this track is the best bridge of any Taylor Swift song, I love the detail of how she'll save a seat at every table, pretty small but it shows her growth from singing about how a dude was another picture to burn, it feels like she's come full circle after all these years.

1. Soon You'll Get Better (ft. The Dixie Chicks)
This is breaks my heart possibly more than any song in her repertoire. Her mother before this was created was diagnosed with cancer. After my second listen I won't lie, I broke down by the end of the first verse, with the details of her hair in the buttons of a sweater to holy orange pill bottles to returning to our faith. Some people complained about how I ranked The Best Day, but this hit me twice as hard as that one ever did. I hear more of Natalie Maines which arguably my only real complaint. Some might find the chorus repetitive, but I don't, I get to hear every amount of sincereness, the bridge brought me to tears, how she has to make this song public, because if she passes away she'll have no one to express this pain, this sadness too. I love that Lover won the Grammy for best song, but this deserves it just as much, as of now this is currently in the top 8 of my all time favorite songs from her, and no doubt it will stay there.

We've come full circle, we arrived at Folklore it should be uploaded around 6:00 eastern time, and then I review all the albums and then the literal hell that will be ranking all 130ish recorded songs
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2020.06.21 19:27 Carmella_Poole The Asexual-Bisexual Mirror

Speaking of ace and bi erasure...anyone else see a fictional character with a same-sex partner in comics/books/film/TV and DON'T always immediately jump to the assumption that the person is gay? 🙋🏾‍♀️ When I started seeing more visibility (especially in real life, in person or through media) is when I think I started thinking, "or maybe they're bi" and even the odd, "they could also be pan" when the sexual attraction of a character is revealed. With increased real life visibility and increased personal awareness, I've begun to expect more representation in fiction. Plus, very large ensemble casts of all only either straight or gay characters makes it a little harder to suspend my disbelief.
I'm currently enjoying Bojack horseman, which has had clear straight, gay/lesbian, and ace characters.
Here are some living ace, bi, and pan celebs (many POC!). LGBTQ2SA celebs, who have made use of their platform and influence to increase visibility:
Bi: Sara Ramirez, Tessa Thompson, Jason Mraz Ace: Hansol, Pauley Perrette, Yasmin Benoit Pan: Janelle Monáe, Brendon Urie, Miley Cyrus

#happypride #happypridemonth
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2020.02.08 20:24 -en- @CBSNews: Panic! at the Disco lead singer Brendon Urie partners with charity to inspire young musicians

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2019.09.13 23:54 Marblewhale24 Looking for romance roleplays!

Hello! My name is Mako and I'm looking for MxM and MxF roleplays! All of my rules, genres, etc are below. I only roleplay on Discord and prefer partners who write responses that are at least 5 lines long. I like my partners to be literate. Roleplays can be long-term or short-term. I don't double for OCxCanon scenes.
  • Literate format in 3rd person only!
  • I only roleplay in private DMs not public forums.
  • 5+ sentences per reply please!
  • All roleplays must have romance and smut scenes in them.
  • Please don’t spam me. I have other roleplays and a life so I don’t always reply at lightening speed.
  • Any species are allowed. Humans, furries, feral, etc.
  • Any genres and time periods are allowed.
  • I do not care what your real life gender is.
  • I will only roleplay as a submissive/switch female or transgender male for my MAIN CHARACTER.
  • I have a variety of characters, all of different species! Both drawn and FC!
  • Gore, vore, macro/minor, wacky proportions and scat are big no-nos!- I will not play the dominant role unless we have been roleplaying for a while.- I will not play against female, futa, femboys or shota-looking characters.- No one-liners!- I will use MY characters, not the ones you give me.
Here is my list of things that I want to do! You can choose any!
- Looking for a Yungblud or Brendon Urie. - Looking for a Lucifer Morningstar. - Looking for a Micheal Scott or Jim. - Looking for Stranger Things roleplays. - Looking for Marvel and DC. - Looking for Alfie roleplays. - Looking for 13 Reasons Why roleplays. - Looking for Game of Thrones roleplays. - Looking for Road to El Dorado roleplays. - Looking for Steven Universe roleplays. (FxF available for this) - Looking for Philip from The Greatest Showman. - Looking for a SS Joker. - Looking for a Peter B Parker or Miles Morales.
(Note: Romance relationships do not have to be canon)
- Looking for Titanic and Romeo+Juliet based roleplays. - Looking for The Fault In Our Stars based roleplays. - Looking for Steven Universe based roleplays. - Looking for Disney and Dreamworks based roleplays. - Tik Tok based roleplays. Or something celebrity/model/Hollywood. - Looking for historical roleplays. - Looking for The Shape of Water based roleplays. - Looking for Avatar (movie) based roleplays.
  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Drama
  • Fantasy
  • Historical or historical fiction
  • Romance
  • Sci-Fi
  • Cyberpunk
  • Coming-of-age
  • Paranormal romance
When you first contact me, please tell me where you found me! I post rp ads on multiple sites so it really helps to know who came from where.
Please contact me through my discord even if you just want to ask a question. I don’t come back to check the sites.
DISCORD: Vampy#2495
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2019.06.16 11:47 Vampwolfie Looking for MxM OCxCanon roleplays!

Hello! My name is Mako, and I’m a literate/semi-literate/advanced literate roleplayer. I am 20 years old. I’ve been roleplaying for over 4 years and I’m currently looking for MxM romance roleplays. I will be playing my transguy OC and I do not double.
When it comes to roleplay: • I can do all types of literacy. One-liners are a strict no, novella is possible but rare due to the longer response times and effort it takes to write them. • My character will always be a submissive or switch. • Short and long term roleplays are accepted. • Mature themes are accepted, smut is required. • I’m very versatile, I will allow almost anything in roleplay, just ask.
What's required to be a rp partner?: - At least semi-literate to literate. - Willing to collaborate on plots/ideas. - Do not spam me if I stop doing rapid replies. - You must be okay with roleplaying a switch or a dominant character. - You must be prepared for me roleplaying a transguy as my OC.
FANDOMS (characters and movies/shows are listed below)
MY HERO ACADEMIA : Deku, Bakugo, All Might, Iida, Denki, Kirishima, Todoroki, Aizawa, Dabi, Shinsou
DISNEY/PIXADREAMWORKS MOVIES : Aladdin (both) Alice in Wonderland (live-action), Atlantis, Beauty and the Beast, Big Hero 6, Brother Bear, Frozen, Hercules, Moana, Mulan, Peter Pan, Pocahontas, Tangled, Tarzan, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, The Little Mermaid, Treasure Planet, The Princess and the Frog, Tuck Everlasting, The Road to El Dorado, HTTYD, Madagascar, Rise of the Guardians, Zootopia
DCEU : Superman, Batman, Aquaman, Flash, Joker, Suicide Squad
MARVEL : Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Thor Odinson or Chris Hemsworth, Bruce Banner, Peter Parker or Tom Holland, Bucky Barnes, Peter Quill, Rocket Raccoon, Thanos, Deadpool, T’Challa, Venom, Erik Killmonger, Loki or Tom Hiddleston, Doctor Strange, Cable, Luke Cage
OTHER : The Outsiders, Game of Thrones, Brendon Urie, 13 Reasons Why, KPOP, Lucifer, The End of the F**king World, It, Zac Efron’s Ted Bundy, My Friend Dahmer, Spiderverse, Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, Avatar, Detroit Become Human, Telltale, FNAF, Freddie Kruger, Jurassic Park, Total Drama Island, Creepypasta, Hunger Games, Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man or PS4 Spider-Man. Please ask me about recent movies, tv shows, musicals, Netflix shows, etc.
CONTACT - Vampy#2495 (Discord)
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2019.06.16 11:30 Vampwolfie Looking for MxM OCxCanon roleplays!

Hello! My name is Mako, and I’m a literate/semi-literate/advanced literate roleplayer. I am 20 years old. I’ve been roleplaying for over 4 years and I’m currently looking for MxM romance roleplays. I will be playing my transguy OC and I do not double.
When it comes to roleplay: • I can do all types of literacy. One-liners are a strict no, novella is possible but rare due to the longer response times and effort it takes to write them. • My character will always be a submissive or switch. • Short and long term roleplays are accepted. • Mature themes are accepted, smut is required. • I’m very versatile, I will allow almost anything in roleplay, just ask.
What's required to be a rp partner?: - At least semi-literate to literate. - Willing to collaborate on plots/ideas. - Do not spam me if I stop doing rapid replies. - You must be okay with roleplaying a switch or a dominant character. - You must be prepared for me roleplaying a transguy as my OC.
FANDOMS (characters and movies/shows are listed below)
MY HERO ACADEMIA : Deku, Bakugo, All Might, Iida, Denki, Kirishima, Todoroki, Aizawa, Dabi, Shinsou
DISNEY/PIXADREAMWORKS MOVIES : Aladdin (both) Alice in Wonderland (live-action), Atlantis, Beauty and the Beast, Big Hero 6, Brother Bear, Frozen, Hercules, Moana, Mulan, Peter Pan, Pocahontas, Tangled, Tarzan, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, The Little Mermaid, Treasure Planet, The Princess and the Frog, Tuck Everlasting, The Road to El Dorado, HTTYD, Madagascar, Rise of the Guardians, Zootopia
DCEU : Superman, Batman, Aquaman, Flash, Joker, Suicide Squad
MARVEL : Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Thor Odinson or Chris Hemsworth, Bruce Banner, Peter Parker or Tom Holland, Bucky Barnes, Peter Quill, Rocket Raccoon, Thanos, Deadpool, T’Challa, Venom, Erik Killmonger, Loki or Tom Hiddleston, Doctor Strange, Cable, Luke Cage
OTHER : The Outsiders, Game of Thrones, Brendon Urie, 13 Reasons Why, KPOP, Lucifer, The End of the F**king World, It, Zac Efron’s Ted Bundy, My Friend Dahmer, Spiderverse, Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, Avatar, Detroit Become Human, Telltale, FNAF, Freddie Kruger, Jurassic Park, Total Drama Island, Creepypasta, Hunger Games, Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man or PS4 Spider-Man. Please ask me about recent movies, tv shows, musicals, Netflix shows, etc.
CONTACT - Vampy#2495 (Discord)
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2019.05.30 12:35 problematicus2000 An essay I wrote about the Emominati

An essay I wrote about the Emominati
So this is gonna come of as really shitty but I tried SUPER hard on it. I hope you guys like it.
The Emominati
The Emominati is a mysterious organisation rumoured to be responsible for current events such as the infamous March 22nd, The Tragedy (Not Sin) of Ryden, The Summer of 2001 and the controversy around what the term “FAQ” (commonly misunderstood as “frequently asked questions”) means.
Very little information about the Emominati has ever been released to the general public, but according to those who are pursuers of the cult (emos), the group works with the FBI, the US Government and the RPP (Ryden Protection Program).
Ryden is a word that refers to the intense romance between George Ryan Ross III and Brendon Boyd Urie, which, despite much pictorial evidence and the recounts of eyewitnesses, is constantly denied by both Mr. Urie and Mr. Ross.
The Emominati is rumoured to be partnered with the Ryden Protection Program, a secret society with the goal of keeping the relationship as secret as possible and questioning those who have any inside knowledge of Ryden whatsoever.
These people, although the official list has never been revealed, have been said by the Emos to include:
· Ryan Ross
· Brendon Urie
· Fall Out Boy
· Twenty One Pilots
· My Chemical Romance
Connections Between The Emo Bands
  • Brendon Urie of Panic! at the Disco once mentioned that Ryan Ross looked a little like Michael Cera.
  • Michael Cera was in The Lego Batman Movie.
  • Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy recorded a song (“Who’s the (Bat)Man?”) for The Lego Batman Movie, which sends a subliminal message to Emos in the lyrics.
  • Who’s The (Bat)Man includes the lyrics “who never skips leg-day? BATMAN!”
  • Guess which emo never skips leg-day? Gerard Way (of My Chemical Romance). Like, look at that booty.
  • In My Chemical Romance’s song “Na Na Na”, Batman is mentioned.
  • This proves that My Chemical Romance and Fall Out Boy had been sending secret calls for help through their songs and everyday actions because of how much they knew about Ryden.
  • But how did they KNOW?
  • Because of the relationship our emo bois Pete Wentz (Fall Out Boy) Mikey Way (My Chemical Romance) had back in the day.
  • And you see, during this time, they would have swapped Ryden information as who could keep a secret from their boyfriend?
  • Twenty One Pilots signed to Fueled By Ramen a few years back, which meant they became close to Panic! at the Disco and Fall Out Boy. They also went on tour with them in 2013.
  • 2013? What’s so special about 2013?
  • ….
  • *g-note*
  • No, not that.
  • Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die! by Panic! at the Disco was released in 2013, which featured the song “Casual Affair”. Which was what Brendon and Ryan had together.
  • When performing in Seattle, Brendon Urie broke down.
  • Why?
  • On February 6th 2006, Ryan Ross posted on social media “like lions in the sand… one day we’ll live in Seattle.”
  • In 2007, Ryan Ross celebrated his 21st in a club with his girlfriend and a few of his friends. But Brendon Urie (his secret boyfriend, duh) was not there.
  • Because Brendon could not attend (he was doing shows), Ryan Ross flew down to Seattle (where Brendon was) that same evening. We know this because a fan saw them and asked for a photo.
  • (Fan censored because the photo I found was censored because the photo I found was on the Internet, where everything is censored.)
  • Now, in the trigger song Northern Downpour by Panic! at the Disco, Ryan Ross wrote the lyrics, “I missed your skin when you were east, you clicked your heels and wished for me”.
  • Because Emos, like other fandoms, are stalkers and proud of it, they then, in an attempt to gather Ryden evidence, found out that New York is east of Seattle.
  • And then, there’s this, which is unrelated but still evidence:
So this is why Brendon broke down performing Northern Downpour, as it was the first time he had performed the song without RYAN ROSS. Now, Ryan Ross and he always smiled on stage while performing it, so yeah. Sad.
Pictorial Evidence of the Emominati

Here we have an image My Chemical Romance Emominati with triangles – a shape worshipped by the cult – that were hidden in the band’s clothing circled and revealed.

Another piece of pictorial evidence which shows that My Chemical Romance Emominati is connected to the Emominati.

Repressed EmoTM CrankThatFrank is part of the Emominati, as proved by the two triangular shapes hidden in his face.

The Emo Trinity symbol is similar to that of the Emominati.
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2019.05.24 01:11 horcruxbox I don't sort attractive people by sex.

I've been thinking a lot about some of the misconceptions that we're swimming in like if we're even valid, like oh you're not bi so we're equivalent to Bigfoot? That checks out. I'm an introvert so extroverts are liars who only pretend to enjoy parties to...ruin.. it for introverts?? Anyway , on a more specific note I was thinking about how we're often seen as being untrustworthy or like we're more likely to cheat because we can't be satisfied by just one partner and I have a hypothesis. If you're just attracted to men OR women you'll typically see men and women in separate categories, I don't mean like objectifying or anything it can be totally platonic but on a biological level it's just a bit different. I've always known I was bi and honestly I don't really have a preference for one over the other but I kind of purposely suppressed my interest in women (also a woman) growing up and going through school because I was in a bad environment where I couldn't be open about my sexuality. I still definitely noticed girls and the more time I spent around girls I found attractive the more I noticed but generally I just blocked it and would be more aware of attractive guys. I wonder if people who like to spew hate or even the ones who are nicer but lack understanding think that we have to fill a quota of attractive men and women because even if they can objectively recognize a person as being attractive they're not attracted to them whereas this is my brain on Instagram (living in an area where I see no one right now) "person, person, person, person, person, hot, hot, hawt, so hot, I'm gonna die, oh my fucking goddd, how is that even legal, hot, yes," . Basically I don't really care what they are, I am aware of it and I appreciate physical features specific to that but if I were to date someone it would be no different than if I were only interested in one gender. It's just the group of people you find attractive, ours is just more diverse. 💙💜💘
If that was nonsense let me know please.
Unrelated Side note I don't pretend to become blind if I'm in a relationship, I think that's weird. I don't go around obnoxiously being like "I wish I was dating them" I don't even say that single but I won't say BS like "Brendon Urie is.... " Yeah I can't type that. He's beautiful guys. Anyway. I'll stop rambling now. 🤘
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2019.04.27 03:05 LuckyStampede 「I WRITE SINS NOT TRAGEDIES」

Inspiration: "I Write Sins Not Tragedies," by Panic! At The Disco (Brendon Urie)
Stand User: Urieru, a giant squid that lives in Rose Harbor
Appearance: A set of artist's brushes that can produce vivid scenes with just a few swipes.
Types: Artificial Non-Humanoid, Long-Range
Story: J.O. Josephson makes note of the fact that people rarely leave the town and after some digging with her partner Skiba Grant, finds out that people don't leave due to a sudden illness. After several attempts to leave town by land, they try leaving by sea and find a strange island controlled by a sapient giant squid with seemingly godlike powers through its magic paint brushes.
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2019.03.01 05:08 Wushi1 TIFU by not taking a selfie with Brendon Urie...

So this happened last summer...
I was doing this camp sort of thing and we were in New York for a day. My friends and I were just walking in Rockefeller Center when one of my friends, let's call her S, turned to this guy I didn't recognize and said "are you Brendon Urie?" He was totally chill and went "yeah." So then S asked if she could take a selfie with him, which he agreed to (he seemed super nice). Well, I didn't really know who Brendon Urie was but my friend was freaking out after he started walking away. So my other friend, Y, who wasn't paying attention asked what had happened and then basically lost it. So we were supposed to be on partners at all time so I followed her as she basically chased after him. She broke into a walk before going up to him so she didn't seem crazy and asked to take a selfie with him. So I basically had not one, but TWO opportunities to take a selfie with a celebrity but I didn't really know who he was and I didn't want to be rude by crowding around the guy - he seemed to just want to go about with his day, even though he was super nice about the selfies. Anyway fast forward a bit, I'm sort of regretting not taking a selfie with him but just sort of try and avoid thinking about it. That's when I heard a song of his and realized I loved it. But also I will never stop beating myself up for not taking a selfie with him... I can never listen to Panic! At the Disco ever in case I really like their music because then I'll hate myself for eternity!!!
TL;DR: My friends and I ran into Brendon Urie in NY and they took selfies with him but I didn't because I didn't know who he was. I later realized I like his music but won't listen to it because of regret and shame lol.
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